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Again discipline specific, the licences have additional requirements to national licences.

If you experience issues, try downloading Chrome (external site) to use this service.A level 1 licence is for a single event only and for use at only one event per year.It is only valid for social and non-competitive participation.Holding a licence at national level in one discipline does not entitle to you compete in another discipline.The FIA licence is required to compete in International events.Please note that these licences are only issued by the CAMS Permits Team to event organisers for CAMS-permitted events, as they are individually numbered (similar to a cheque) & must be reconciled post-event.

Event Organisers can order level 1 licences, to do so, please contact the CAMS Permits Team via the CAMS Hotline.

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Find your nearest health service using the National Health Services Directory (NHSD).

Level 2 licences are the basic club level motor sport licence.

There are two types of Level 2 licence - Non Speed (L2NS) and Speed (L2S).

National licences are discipline specific - Race, Speed, Rally / Road, Off Road & Auto Test.