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As data collection and analysis occurred the following research questions emerged: The teens' descriptions of their content creating activities helped shape these research questions.

Elements of practice theory that are evident in information practice include the concepts that practices are socially situated, meaning is negotiated through interaction, that practices are physically enacted and that the tools of the community constrain and enable practice (Kemmis, 2011; Schatzki, Knorr Cetina and von Savigny, 2001).

The members of the community engaged in accessing, distributing, negotiating and understanding the information of the community as a component of their joint enterprise.

While the communities were diverse in age, our focus was on the practices of teens.

The communities that the participants engaged in were primarily focused on creating and sharing artistic or media-based content.

We understood the communities to be (Wenger, 1998).

It is underpinned by a social constructionist approach, that is, a belief that knowledge is constructed through interaction with others.

Charmaz argues that grounded theory techniques are neutral, although how these techniques are applied are not (p.9).The participants in our study were between the ages of 15 and 19.Throughout this paper, as we discuss our participants, we will use the word teens in an attempt to honour their preferred terminology and avoid the distancing effect of the words youth or adolescence (Best, 2007) This is not reflected in the next section as we address the literature of youth information behaviour which reflects the preferred terminology of the information science discipline.The context of this research was communities of practice in digital spaces that had a shared focus that evolved over a period of time (Ito, , 2010; Wenger, White and Smith, 2009).The shared focus of the communities was sharing media.The synergistic elements of information practices and digital literacy research indicates that information practice is the appropriate framework for understanding how teens use, create and share information in online spaces.

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