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You may find that woodland areas will help you relax and become more centred in times where you are unsure of yourself.

Have you ever witnessed one of those people who just gets up and go?It is said that everything to do with the night is a good symbol for you.Whether that’s nocturnal animals, semi precious stones such as the moonstone or the night’s sky, you can draw energy from this.Speaking more than 50 different languages, their diversity has proved to be very impressive, especially with a good majority of them being bilingual in Spanish. Even though they are listed from top left to bottom right, this is where it gets a little bit different.With the Mayan calendar, it consisted of 18 months of 20 days, instead of our usual 12 of 28-31 days. With 20 days for each 18 months, that must alter a lot, right? The sign which hits the start of January is Ch’en, which you will notice is the first symbol on the third row.Many people could be rather afraid to be out of their comfort zone, however this sign welcomes change and risks.

The best time of the day for this sign is the early morning.This is actually a good thing because it keeps people guessing and this makes them much more interested in who you are.You love spending time around people but also feel you need to have that alone time very often to gather your thoughts and reflect on goals.A Deer can be vunerable, so allow your Stag side come through when you need it’s power.There is nothng wrong with standing up for what you believe is right.So it’s advised that you set aside an hour per day of total alone time to watch your favourite shows or have a bubble bath.