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“Really lovely to meet everyone at the weekend – hope you learned as much as I did! [enjoyed] the encouragement that enables others to read out and their feedback – so helpful in terms of my writing. Vicky’s constructive criticism very affirming and helpful. A good opportunity to kick-start things, spending a day away from the usual routine. Vicky’s comments were excellent; the handout materials were useful. The day went so quickly I liked being forced to read what I had written otherwise I would have tried to hide in the crowd. The initial exercise on knowing your character was especially helpful. Nice to hear your positivity and suggestions for all. The venue was perfect with a nice cosy feel conducive to writing, comfortable, quiet and with plenty of table space for writing. It was inspiring to listen to other writers work as well as talk about my own stuff. I really liked the general theme and content, especially the emphasis on drawing characters effectively.So persuasive were the other presenters that I’m finally joining Twitter.” AN “It was a most stimulating afternoon and very well organised.” SB “Thanks for a great meeting, which sent me away with lots of ideas, although somewhat dismayed by how far I was falling below the ideal! understanding how little I know about my characters! I enjoyed both listening to other stories and having feedback. Previous Course: Showing and Telling, Saturday “Really got a lot out of this – liked the concept of the course” “[I enjoyed] the relaxed and nurturing atmosphere – the feedback and encouragement to do something different – sharing different perspectives/ interpretations of a piece of writing.” Previous Course: ‘The Writers’ Gym: Inspiration for new fiction’, Saturday 19th November 2 [Enjoyed] the exercises – ploughing straight in there. Freedom to think though different scenarios [was] very beneficial. And being able to pass when you hadn’t come up with anything enhanced the sense of having dodged a bullet. I also found it helpful to have to produce more work ahead of the workshop. Another very useful idea I picked up was the reminder about appealing to all the senses of the reader – good stuff!

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The space to myself, both during Sunday morning and throughout the weekend was freeing.’: Gill Dennis, 18 May 1 June (9 participants).Activity Book: Miss Kim’s Video of Week 1 Bible Christians were persecuted in the Roman Empire, before Emperor Constantine. Despite the hardships, Christianity grew as the followers spread God’s Light.Some early Christians identified each other by drawing a fish symbol. Some Christians believe that […] Read More Stained Glass Art Supplies: Glass pie pan, any size Plastic beads Oven, temp 350 Instructions: As the student to place each bead into the bowl individually, after their design is complete, bake it at 350 for about ten minutes.Rote memory, bland workbooks with infinite pages followed by the next grade that to an eight-year old will last an eternity, are missing the most important element. Your child was created to soak in information, learn, examine his or her world and discover.Eden Hope Academy was created to […] Read More I tutored a freshman at George Mason University a few years ago.Drill a small hole in it and attach it to a string. Science is naturally one of his favorite subjects, and Grace did an amazing job at coming up with activities to reinforce the topic […] Read More Geography A National Geographic/Roper poll ranked US students second to last in geographical knowledge, only above Mexico.

windows have […] Read More Eden Hope was a wonderful addition to our homeschool journey this past year. A 2006 study discovered that only one out of ten 18 – 24 year olds could find Afghanistan on a map.Geography is vital to awareness of the world and educated analysis.High school and college students tend […] Read More Learning must be personal.A massive thank you; our script took a real leap forward even before the course because it gave us a deadline.(Rob) [What I liked about the course] was the combination of the overview – general writing wisdom, and specific, one-to-one input.OPTIMUM nurtures a team committed to the highest standard of quality with a unique blend of education, training, and experience, including post-graduate accreditation in specific fields of expertise.