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I wish I could wake up every morning – bright-eyed and bushy-tailed – go on a run with my SO, show up to work 30 minutes early, and spend my evenings with colleagues, sipping wine.But I am an absolute creature, and I am doing what I can with that. I set multiple alarms, have my e-mails forwarded straight to my phone, try and maintain meaningful relationships, and yet, despite all of my efforts, I simply cannot escape the reality that deep down I am a nasty, nasty woman.

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Trump had spent almost 90 minutes belittling Clinton and her record, sneering about her alleged failures in every corner of her long career.

He was the avatar of years of conservative frustration, the vessel through which the right could channel every sputtering protest against Hillarycare, every lurid conspiracy about Benghazi and emails, every cruel and cutting scream ever heard in a Usenet chat room or a Breitbart comments thread.

He was the final shout into the abyss for the conservative movement, its last impotent sputter before Clinton beats them all by taking the presidential oath of office — at which point they will start demanding her impeachment. But before that final flameout, Trump went after Clinton with all the subtlety and tact of a Queens ironworker on a bar crawl.

i feel like i should tell you all the dirty, disgusting, filthy things that fill my mind everyday... I had been talking to this guy on the for about 3 months. We had been constantly flirting and there was definitely a sexual attraction. I am in a god forsaken state (I'll keep it secret so as not to offend anyone) taking care of a relative who had an accident and cant do things for herself. They seem to enjoy it too but for me it is all about knowing how many guys have pounded the very hole they are licking. I would just like to share with you all a little secret about my ex.

i want to **** old men, the uglier and creepier the better. He lived about 2 hours away, so finally one night I drove up there. He was the biggest freak and most willing to do anything anywhere  I have a bunch of stories to add about him but I’ll start with this one.

He is losing, and he is losing badly if the polls are to be believed, and he is losing badly to a and that is something Donald Trump cannot abide.

It is no wonder he wouldn’t say he will concede if (when) he loses the election, telling the moderator, Chris Wallace and the audience that “I will look at it at the time” — when presumably he will determine if there has been so much “fraud” and “rigging” that victory must have been stolen from him.(Though truthfully, why would he admit he’ll concede?

The few storms we have had these last few days is to little to late I'm afraid. It gets me off good, when I do something nasty for someone knowing they always wanted it.

I once let a guy pee on me just because he thought it was the most erotic thing, and he never tried it before. i am a shy person, and people think i'm sweet, lol. I love working as a hooker all afternoon and then coming home and having my brother or father suck my ***** through my panties.

Artist: Mary Norman Email: [email protected]: Chapeau De Chat Date: 2017 Size: Medium: Silk, cotton, wool, acrylic Price: 0 Statement: Chapeau De Chat is a faux-vintage pussy hat.

Infiltrate the alumni tea dance in this cunning mauve cloche.

That is the sum of the Donald Trump campaign as we come into the final stretch: one long, exhausted, last-ditch, impotent anti-Clinton scream from the right.