Nationwide phone chat free

11-Dec-2014 03:40 by 6 Comments

Nationwide phone chat free

You may not be able to text at any given moment but at most restaurants or cafes you will be able to connect. I always do and the server is happy to provide it to me.

You can disable this feature while abroad to avoid charges.

If you are texting over Wi Fi abroad your message will be sent as an i Message.

Or if you purchased a small data plan to text using data (not SMS) you will also only want to text using i Message to avoid texting charges.

Both parties don’t need an i Phone to text for free.

As long as both parties have the app and are you are using Wi Fi in a country other than your home country it is free.

Turn off “Send as SMS” to avoid carrier messaging rates. If you have have a smart phone and the recipient also has a smart phone there are plenty of apps out there that are just like i Message.

For example, Whats App Messenger is 99 cents in the app store and is a great way to text overseas.i Message is part of any i Phone with i OS 6, 7, and 8 so most people will already have it.For myself, this is easy because over half the people I text have i Phones and free Wi Fi is easy to find in most cities.You do not need to be in airplane mode to use your device for free.Simply being connected to Wi Fi will ensure all of your i Messages and web browsing are free.i Message is built right in to the messaging app so there is nothing you need to do to activate this feature. These will only be free (abroad) over wifi and only to other people with i Message.