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While at lunch she asks him why he looks so serious. When she responds with surprise he tells her bluntly that he wants to sleep with her.However, she gets annoyed by how unromantic he's being and he leaves.

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Shogo interrupts, asking her why the city is resembles its current time period (the 1980s).The show's broadcast is cut off while Shogo shows Eve the bike (now painted red by a mechanic friend) and explains its capability.He escapes in another chase by agents and soon discovers it can also transform into a mecha. is nearly defeated, he informs Shogo that Bahamut is a supercomputer that controls the events in this world, and that they are actually living on a spaceship, and that the real time is actually 500 years in the future.Eve responds, describing the late-twentieth century as being "one of the most peaceful time periods in human history." Eve's transmission is suddenly cut as she reiterates her plea for Shogo to prevent her deactivation.Shogo returns to Yui, asking her to go have lunch with him.He barely escapes as Shinji is killed by unknown agents.

Shogo uses a public video phone to call Eve Tokimatsuri, a popular singer and TV host, during her show to expose the Garland to the public.

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is a four-part original video animation created by AIC, written by Hiroyuki Hoshiyama, and directed by Noboru Ishiguro, Ichiro Itano, Kenichi Yatagai and Shinji Aramaki. It was originally titled Omega Zone 23 Shogo Yahagi lives in what appears to be 1980s metropolitan Japan.

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She chases after him, confused as to why he's acting like this.

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