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Phone sex talk web cam - dating a dyslexic

Valentine’s Day just passed and let’s just say that I spent the day being quite the bratty domme phone sex Princess.

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Cal me for the best interracial cuckold phone sex ever! I’m Princess Kendra and I’m ready to tease and torture you with my hot little body and sweet looking face. I have a bratty edge to me that will swell your cock to the point of distraction since I like to use my tight bod and bratty ways to dominate you with bratty domme phone sex.What kind of phone sex slut would I be if I had limits on the kinds of things I would do to please a man? Most of them stopped giving it up just as soon as they got that wedding ring on their fingers. Big strong men deserve a woman who will spread her legs whenever their man wants some pussy.So, what other women have stopped doing, I will do willingly because every real man deserves a woman to pleasure him in every way he could imagine.Call me now and be ready for me to take everything from you. You know that I am cuckolding you with big black cock every chance I get, don’t you? I started with just one, but when it comes to big black cock, one is never enough.After I had my first chocolate dick, he bragged about this creamy white pussy to everyone, and before long, he was introducing me to all his friends.He told me that his wife was mad as hell when he told her that he couldn’t afford to get her a present and take her out to dinner.

He asked if I wanted to know what story he told her about why he didn’t have any money, but I told him that I really didn’t give a fuck about that.

I am so very far out of your league and you know that.

That is why I want to teach you about CFNM phone sex. You are only there for my enjoyment and to do as I say. I can touch you, pinch you, mock you, anything that tickles my fancy in the moment.

I even made you pull out your cock so I could take pics and stroke for me next to a ruler, so that I could show my friends how little your cock is!

And the public humiliation doesn’t stop with me telling my friends how little my cuckold is, I’ve been getting bolder, not hiding that I fuck other men, coming home with my hair a mess, make up fucked off, and a creampie pussy. How about I make sure you walk in on me in our bed with a big black cock?

I’m the trophy wife of your wet dreams, the one you chased, wooed, and spoiled in every way, and a large part of my appeal is that all your friends want to fuck me. When we are in bed together, you tell me how many of your friends, co-workers, even your family, want to fuck your hot wife.

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