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You can check on the crowds in Provincetown or maybe you would like to check out the party at the Beachcomber.

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We’re talking about financial information, private information – exactly the sort of stuff the camera is designed to protect, but is doing the opposite.’Many cameras were fixed on babies and small children sleeping in their beds.Experts fear large numbers of such cameras are vulnerable to hacking.Our reporter visited the office to alert the owner, who had no idea his daily business was being broadcast to the world.The sunset cam is located in Eastham The Camera is looking west over Cape Cod Bay Sponsored by This Cape Cod web cam is located at Coast Guard Beach in Eastham, part of the Cape Cod National Seashore Sponsored by This web cam is located at the Beachcomber restaurant and bar in Wellfleet, a hot party spot in the summer.Sponsored by The Beachcomber Restaurant and Bar This web cam is located at the Sagamore Bridge A great way to check on the traffic before you leave Sponsored by Cape Cod Online This web cam is located at the Chatham Fish Pier The view is across the entrance to Pleasant Bay.‘The system was installed three months ago and they didn’t tell us anything about passwords.

I can assure you they will be changed.’In another case, we identified a house in Southend, Essex, because the Hikvision cameras at the property – fixed on the drive, back door and side gate – included the owner’s name and address on screen.Hacking can be prevented simply by changing the factory-set default security codes that every camera comes with.A large number of buyers will be parents who use the devices to monitor babies and young children.The owner said: ‘We got these cameras to try to keep our property safe but we never imagined that people are looking at our house and what we’re doing.Burglars could see when we’re out.’ After being alerted, the travel agent and homeowner both changed their passwords. A spokesman said it was aware of hacking and will now ‘force’ users to change passwords.He he is young, my age, and I just think it's sad that he chose to do this and has now put himself in this big dilemma.'She said that people can protect themselves by changing their passwords frequently and deleting browsing history regularly.

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