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And, there are ways to mitigate (not "avoid," but mitigate) some of the risks.

There are times when the rewards of sexting may outweigh the risks—it's up to you to decide.Those worst case scenario consequences are not fair, and nobody deserves them for engaging in a consensual sexual activity, but they do exist." So what do the risks entail? If you're going to be sexting, you are assuming the risk that someone might copy your text, images, and videos. That may sound obvious, but consider realistically how and why the risks are different. If you're not a high-profile person, your dirty photos aren't as valuable, socially or monetarily speaking.That doesn't mean a perpetrator can't figure out who you are and demand money to keep your images off the Web, or that some horrible troll won't publish them out of the evilness of his heart anyway.For starters, you have no idea what the other person might do with your sexts. A survey by Drexel University last year showed that more than half of respondents (54 percent) engaged in sexting as minors, and 28 percent of those sent photographic sexts. Learn their intentions and that they're of legal age. Hopefully, you also trust that they would never do anything with your sexts to harm or insult you, although that should be made explicit.All that for swapping sexts wth someone you don't know. Only sexting with people you trust is as important as making sure that your NSFW messages aren't stored on a server that can be hacked.For better or worse, electronic communications are part of our lives. So if you're going to be sexting, you should learn exactly what the risks are so you can assess them and deal with them. Your guide to safer sexting starts with a quick overview of what we mean by "sexting." While some people define sexting as digitally sharing nude or explicit photos and videos only, we also include text-based messages of a sexual nature in our definition.

Sexting does not necessarily mean using any particular app or device.If it is just one person sending unsolicited sexual messages or pictures to another person without their okay, then it is just straight up sexual harassment.Just like in real life, you have to make sure the other person is into it before you start getting freaky with them." So, before you doff your duds and whip out your selfie stick, have a serious conversation with the person with whom you wish to sext. Only Sext With People You Trust Swapping naughty texts and pictures with a stranger is much riskier than sexting with someone you trust.We're not saying we condemn it, but we are saying it puts you at a much greater risk for having something bad happen.Understand the Reality of Risks "Having something bad happen" could mean any number of things.Electronic media is always, by its nature, reproducible, and copies of whatever you send or receive could get into someone else's hands.

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