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press and hold to get to the options of what to do with the message, and there isn't an option to forward to SPAM thing with T-Mobile. Ive gotten two from Alberta, one from Ontario and a few local numbers. Now I've got unknown and random numbers calling leaving messages that I'm this Ben person and they're waiting for me to submit the documents?I'm pretty sure this is spam but it's really annoying. Just wondering if others are getting harassing messages like those...

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I keep deleting the messages but they keep popping up. Please call (973)368-5560" I received a text from a random number which had a link to You Tube, and at the bottom it said "James..." I figured it could've been the person got the wrong phone number but I still clicked on the link (like a dummy). i received a text, today, Dec 3rd at pm stating that I may receive refunds from AT&T for paying for charges from other companies on my bill.

You have to click on a link in the email from the Do Not Call registry to complete the registration.

If you don't click on the link in the email, you won't be registered.

If you didn't authorize any premium text message services, then you will want to file a claim at I didnt enter any information, I just visited the site. But it showed the the message was sent from my sister's phone, which wasn't working at the time. today I received a text from the number unfamiliar to me but with my local area code.

This was a couple weeks ago, and my device has worked fine. Hi,got a text from "[email protected]" telling me I have won a fifty dollar gift card for taco bell. I assume this is some kind of scam,but using Sprints name? What if you DID click because you thought it was a friend who you know got a new phone number? when I check the text message it immediately started downloading the attachment it came with.

When internet fraudsters impersonate a business to trick you into giving out your personal information, it’s called phishing. Yup, just receieved a message from 360-889-8691 and it had my first and last name, address, and a link.

Don't reply to email, text, or pop-up messages that ask for your personal or financial information. You can file a complaint about the messages with the ftc at (the person that I sent the email doesn't have my phone number? It was my married last name which wasn't officially changed and so mostly everything except like health care is still in my maiden address listed was i wouldn't click on a link if there was one, but with old school flip phone, don't have the option!If you get repeated calls from the same number, you could ask your phone provider if it charges for a service that blocks calls from a particular number. it was to buy or join anything but lots more personal. I have been getting similar messages with my first name and address and a link. I've recently been getting phone calls from other cities in Canada claiming that I'm a prostitue in the New west area. First they call, and then they start texting you asking how much?i got a text and when i checked the number it came from i found out it was a real phone number, but the phone was out of service. help I got an SMS from a sender with an email address instead of a phone number... I have received texts messages containing personal information from the private email. I have received three messages from three different numbers. Or that they're in town looking for a whale escort....And normally messages from sprint don't come from a seven digit phone number. I received one with him suggesting I use Ever to store photos. I was checking the message to see if anything was suspicious I should've noticed immediately being that it was an unrecognized number but, I continued to download to see if it wasn't a picture from someone I know.once the download was complete the message deleted itself and I've yet to find out what was downloaded even after looking through my downloads which were empty and still empty after the fact.Is becoming a identify theft problem all over the USA.

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