Sex chat rooms tree

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Sex chat rooms tree

I tried to minimize unnecessary chatter early on to help people get to the rooms where the pay-worthy action was.Unlike advertising, which can set the tone and temptation, the product experience can’t be driven by my opinion and what I wanted.

Fix it.”Paging through the binder, I saw diagrams of the phone tree when a customer called in and what their experience would be.

At first, I gave the chat rooms campy names such as “Butterfield-8” to evoke Elizabeth Taylor and “South Fork” and “Alexis’s Bathtub,” nods to soap opera fans.

The agency thought the names were hilarious, but the client sent me back to the drawing board after sharing the ideas with customers, who all said the names of the rooms killed the mood and seemed created for someone else.

For ,000, half payable up front, I cancelled barbeque plans with friends and spent the weekend pulling together an ad campaign to get the dating service’s phone to ring.

Instead of the typical ads with a naked boy next to a phone number in extra-large boldfaced type, I proposed a three-part series of ads with semi-clever headlines: “The Boy Next Door is Now Even Closer” read the first one; “For Guys Seeking Mr. Tonight” was the second; and the third ad, appropriate for Memorial Day, when thousands of hunky sailors visit New York: “Where Every Night is Fleet Week.”The client wanted to try the approach and as the agency rushed them into production to make the deadlines, the agency president handed me a heavy three-ring binder and asked if I had more time over the next few days.“What is this?

Long before the internet took off as an entire sector of the economy and there was even a degree-worthy discipline called “User Experience,” I built a few foundational skills for a career in digital strategy working for a phone sex line.

Laid off from my job as a copywriter at a large Madison Avenue advertising agency, I nabbed a freelance gig with a hot creative boutique.And even if you don’t find a potential partner, you might end up making great friends with other people who are in the same boat as you.Many of our members end up making lifetime friends to support them along their journey.The phone service wanted customers to stay on the line longer — billing by the minute — and guys calling in wanted to find someone to hook up with as quickly as possible.Cost wasn’t a barrier to using the service, simply an annoyance at the end of the month when the phone bill would arrive.And you never know, that friendship could turn into something more over time…

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