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As we looked around for something to eat, a shirtless man waved us over to the food stall where he was having a snack.

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A lively atmosphere greeted us upon our evening arrival in Xinjie, the traditional capital of the Yuanyang region.

Equipped with a hand-drawn map, we headed out of town on foot to witness life in the fields the following day.

Water buffalo moved glacially in the mid-afternoon sun as their owners whistled commands.

Reminiscent of Sapa and Bac Ha in Vietnam, Xinjie’s Hani women dress traditionally in bright hand-embroidered necklines, colorful baby carriers and elaborate head-wear.

Life on the main square seemed universal – children played, old women huddled together to share the latest gossip, young couples made their rounds, and mothers snuggled with their babies as the sun set over the valley.

Now joining their ranks is a little armoured fish called Entelognathus, described in Nature by an international team of researchers led by Prof. Entelognathus primordialis (“primordial complete jaw”) lived in coastal seas during the Late Silurian, about 423 million years ago, over sediments that are now exposed as the Kuanti Formation, near the town of Qujing, Yunnan.

About 20cm long, Entelognathus had a heavily armoured head and trunk, toothless jaws and tiny eyes set within large bony goggles.Another genuine offer we unfortunately couldn't accept. A trio of Entelognathus swim over a shallow Silurian seabed.A marauding Guiyu oneiros, one of the earliest bony fishes, cruises in the distance.Cover art for = Min Zhu, Xiaobo Yu, Per Erik Ahlberg, Brian Choo (that’s me!Amidst the standard market trappings, vendors sold local moonshine from gas jugs and street-side dentists made quick work to fashion dentures and replace broken teeth.

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