Accuracy ultrasound dating conception

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Accuracy ultrasound dating conception

However, you can use various factors and knowledge about reproduction to help narrow down the date to within one to five days if your cycles are regular.

You can estimate your date of ovulation and conception from the length of your menstrual cycle if this is fairly regular.Sperm retains its best ability to fertilize an egg for an average of three days in the tract after ejaculation, although it can survive up to five to seven days.By these facts: A conception date calculator can make it easier to figure out your date.Any calculation of a conception date is an estimate, even in a woman with regular 28-day menstrual cycles.Except for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and other assisted reproductive procedures, you cannot precisely calculate the exact day a sperm meets an egg and fertilization (conception) occurs.The most consistent part of the cycle is the second half after you ovulate.

No matter how long or short the cycle, you will get your next period around 12 to 14 days later.

For example: If you were tracking other signs of fertility, such as basal body temperature charts, or ovulation predictor kits, they can help you narrow down your conception date to within one to two days.

If you were charting increased pain at mid-cycle, the day of the worse pain on one side of your pelvis is the likely day your egg ovulated.

If you kept a basal body temperature chart (BBT) during the cycle you conceived, this is a useful tool to help pinpoint when you ovulated and therefore conceived.

Here are some helpful facts: The temperature shift occurs because of an increase in progesterone production after ovulation.

The calculator below works for you if your menstrual cycles are regular and are between 24 and 38 days long.

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