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Customer feedback comes at you from many channels – phone, email, social and chat.And customers are judging their experience in minutes, not hours.

Learn from Rob about the Power of #Now and see how brands are using Twitter to engage with their target audiences in real life moments that help create change and cultivate deep relationships.

Your brand is your lifeblood, and understanding how consumers talk about their experiences is critical to your brand success.

We provide the foundation for understanding who is talking about you, who is driving the conversation and how you can open up a new world of possibilities.

Knowing how you are doing is great, but knowing how you are doing against the competition could be a rude awakening.

Social is a wealth of competitive intelligence that could help identify your strengths and your competitors' weaknesses to propel you into a market leadership position.

Social can play a massive role in making your marketing campaigns a success.

We'll discuss in detail the back-half of the campaign process including tracking success and using consumer real-time reactions to determine if any course corrections are needed.During a crisis, timely alerts and accurate information are of utmost importance.With 28% of crises spreading internationally within 1 hour, response speed is critical to controlling the damage to brand reputation.The way consumers are engaging with and evaluating brands is rapidly changing, requiring a completely new approach.Join Heather as she shares how social informs strategic business decisions including consumer behavior and actionable insights, while transforming the entire brand experience.The growing goldmine of new consumer data through social has created a treasure trove of insights for marketers today.

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