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A standard obituary will be printed free-of-charge, and should be received by 4 p.m. Please include your contact information and the contact information for the funeral home or crematory.

6, 1937, the daughter of Harrel and Eva (Sutton) Paramore. Additional information beyond that included in the standard obituary may be added for a fee; your funeral home can provide details.

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The ever popular Art by Surrey Elementary School Students exhibition was developed in cooperation with Surrey School District 36 and its teachers, this exhibition presents paintings, drawings, and collages created by students from 19 of Surrey’s elementary schools.

From snowmen enjoying a cold wintry day to colourful landscapes reminiscent of the Group of Seven, there is something for everyone to enjoy at this smorgasbord of creativity, burgeoning talent, and integrated learning.

[Hook] [Verse 2: Richie Le] Okay, I met Pho Queen from 9021-PHO In the silky áo dài, un-pho-gettable Can’t forget how she simmered the broth While skimming the top for fatty soup, a.k.a that nước béo!

The one Viet dish that I liked as a kid Nostalgic, brings me back home when I sip The hearty beef soup, rice noodles and meat Sliced onions, with a plate of fresh picked greens With a confidant chest, everybody claims that their mom's is the best C’mon, you know you’ve said it (I mean, it really is though!

She was born in Monterey Park, California, raised in West Covina, and later moved to Chino after high school.

ELLIS — Edith Shirley Bair, 83, formerly of Goodland, passed away Monday, Feb.

The purpose of this exhibition is more than a display of elementary student talent.

These artworks demonstrate creative thinking and skill development in a variety of media as well as showcase the outstanding accomplishments of young artists.

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