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Summits can reach elevations of just over 2,560 feet (780 m) with valleys 500 to 1,550 feet (472 m) deep (150 m to 450 m). Located in western Newton County, Arkansas, its elevation is 2,463 feet (751 m).Nearby, five unnamed peaks have elevations at or slightly above 2,560 feet (780 m).

Other possible derivations include aux arcs meaning "[land]of the arches" and Alum Cove in the Ozark – St. It is even suggested aux arcs is an abbreviation of aux arcs-en-ciel, French for "toward the rainbows" which are a common sight in the mountainous regions.

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The Ozarks, also referred to as the Ozark Mountains, Ozarks Mountain Country, and the Ozark Plateau, is a physiographic and geologic highland region of the central United States, primarily in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

After the Louisiana Purchase, American travelers in the region referred to various features of the upland areas using the term Ozark, such as Ozark Mountains and Ozark forests.

By the early 20th century, the Ozarks had become a generic term.

in the decades prior to the French and Indian War, aux Arkansas originally referring to the trading post at Arkansas Post, located in wooded Arkansas Delta lowland area above the confluence of the Arkansas River with the Mississippi River.

"Arkansas" seems to be the French version of what the Illinois tribe (further up the Mississippi) called the Quapaw, who lived in eastern Arkansas in the area of the trading post.

Geographic features include limestone and dolomite glades, which are rocky, desert-like area on hilltops.

Kept open by periodic fires that limit growth of grasses and forbs in shallow soil, glades are home to collared lizards, tarantulas, scorpions, cacti and other species more typical of the desert southwest.

The Boston Mountains contain the highest elevations of the Ozarks with peaks over 2,500 feet (760 m) and form the greatest relief of any formation between the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains.

The Boston Mountains portion of the Ozarks extends north of the Arkansas River Valley 20 to 35 miles (32 to 56 km) and is approximately 200 miles (320 km) and are bordered by the Springfield and Salem Plateau to the north of the White River.

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