Autocad data link not updating

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When you look at the clipboard viewer, you should see that the Windows clipboard has limited the data when presented in certain 'flavors'.

Shaking the OLE from Excel Graphs When you paste pie/bar graphs from Excel into Auto CAD, they can exhibit all the problems of a typical OLE insert, including plot rotation, etc. If you simply window off the geometry there is a good possibility the prompt order will not be as desired.

When selecting objects for a block definition, first individually pick the attribute definitions individually in the order you want to be prompted, then select the rest of the geometry.


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You will have the definition in the current drawing for latter use.

Add Descriptions to Blocks Later versions of Auto CAD have the ability to add descriptions to the block definitions in the drawing.You will find the clipboard viewer in the accessories or system tools section of the Windows start menu.If you don't have this program you will need to use the Add/Remove Programs applet of the Windows Control Panel to add it.Usage You are free to use the information listed here, but it is copyrighted works and are not public domain.You may not sell, lease, or mass-redistribute this information on disk or electronically.All the instances of your insert now display the newly added attribute with the default value.

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