Becoming bitter about dating

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Becoming bitter about dating - dating someone going through a divorce advice

Also, make sure to ask yourself whether you’ve been too rigid – or not rigid enough – about the traits you’re looking for in a partner.In general, men and women become bitter when they’ve lost sight of the bigger picture.

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If you find yourself feeling bitter, it’s time to 1) be honest that you’ve become bitter about the whole dating process, and 2) create a plan to improve your mood about dating so that you attract good and sane people into your life. Be clear about whether you want to casually date or whether you’re ready to set up house soon if you meet the right person.Examples: taking a bath several times per week; curling up with a blanket and good book or magazine; nesting in front of the fireplace on a cold night or basking in the sun on a warm day; hosting a small themed gathering at your place with your best friends; going for a massage; writing a poem or jotting down random thoughts in a journal; and cuddling with a pet or a bunch of comfy pillows on the sofa.Sooner or later, we all hit a point where our emotional gas tank is running low, but the extent to which we seek out healthy self-soothing mechanisms determines how quickly and effectively we can break out of a bitter funk.” No matter what, do not be defensive when you get feedback.Sit with it for a day or two, and odds are that you will see that there is wisdom in the feedback. When you get bitter in dating, it’s time to change your point of view.Besides trying your usual online dating, make more of an effort to go with friends to different restaurants, bars, sports events, or local activities.

If you continue to go to the same places week after week, there’s a good chance that you’ll either become bored or bitter because you’re not varying your social routine enough.Seek out self-soothers when your mood is down in the dumps.There are countless ways you can soothe yourself when your mood and motivation are scraping the bottom of the barrel.Bridget Jones once famously said that “the only thing worse than a smug married couple is lots of smug married couples!” She might have had a point, but we’re by no means encouraging you to avoid your dearest friends who just so happen to behave like lovesick teens.Go back to the drawing board and write down the five to ten traits you’re looking for in a partner, and ask yourself if you have been on dates in the past three months with anyone who meets these criteria.