Book club dating

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Book club dating - ang dating daan bible exposition live

"American women utilised their status as readers and book club members to increase their popularity in the dating field and said they would never date or marry a non-reader," said Christy Craig, doctoral candidate in sociology at University of Kansas in the US.

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Soon after the doors opened, eager readers were lined up to attend a program to talk about books. It soon became clear that we were going to exceed our attendance goal for the evening.

We sprang into action, getting extra chairs and announcing the need to snuggle close and make room for our new bookish friends, all the while grinning at the success of this beautiful monster of a program.

Eight Book Squad members pitched four books each in five minutes—moving from table to table when the timekeeper told us to advance.

It was a raucous, fast-paced event that was fun for both presenters and attendees.

We’d need a second event, and we started to dream bigger.

For our November event, we partnered with a local event space that graciously gave us the room and did all of the setup, plus provided us a concierge for the night.

We ended up with 40 participants, but the response at the end of the night told us that this wouldn’t be a one-off event.

Patrons were stoked and wanted to know when they could do this again and bring friends.

The rest of our feedback (gathered from a Google survey a few days after the event) was incredibly supportive, along the lines of: “Awesome night! Polli Kenn is the Readers’ Services Coordinator at the Lawrence Public Library, in Lawrence, Kansas.

Well according to a new study, to attract men (obviously).

Being well versed in appeal factors and able to identify them enthusiastically for participants is key.

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