C validating xml using xsd

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This module isn't just an XML Schema validator, it's also a test of the Test Driven Development methodology.

On CPAN, the only available XML Schema validator is XML:: Schema.

Unfortunately, this module isn't ready for use as it lacks the ability to actually parse the XML Schema document format!

I looked into enhancing XML:: Schema but I must admit that I'm not smart enough to understand the code...

So let's try to validate first_html_with XMLPad: 1. XMLPad will validate the current XML document against rules defined in the assigned XSD file.

In our case, the validation will pass successfully with a "No errors during validation found" message box.

As I add functionality (by way of writing tests) I'll refactor the code a great deal, but I won't add code only to support future development.

For more information I recommend "Test Driven Development: By Example" by Kent Beck.

This tells us that our XML document, first_html_xsd.xml, conforms to all rules defined in the XSD document, first_

To see some validation errors, follow the tutorial example in the next section.

duration time date g Year Month g Year g Month Day g Day g Month hex Binary base64Binary any URI QName NOTATION Please note that I will delete bugs which merely point out the lack of support for a particular feature of XML Schema.

Those are feature requests, and believe me, I know we've got a long way to go.

I'm writing a piece of software which uses Xerces/C ( ) to validate documents against XML Schema schemas.