Capricorn dating a scorpio

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Each is dead serious about making it to the top no matter what it takes. They are unforgiving about mistakes and absolutely intend to surmount all obstacles to achieve their particular type of fame and fortune.

Both take life seriously, and each partner senses that the other is someone who can be trusted.

Combined, these two feel romance is frivolous and a waste of time.

There is an intense degree of passion here; however, it is directed towards career goals, material possessions, and business opportunities.

The Scorpio man seeks a woman who can share his depth of feeling, but he’s likely to be disappointed by the Capricorn woman’s cool response.

She is likely to be alarmed by his emotional instability, and will try hard to distance herself from him when he turns a mood on, instead of sympathizing or reaching out to him.

This matters a lot for the Scorpio man and the Capricorn woman, who are both used to getting their own way.

The Scorpio man tries to manipulate his way to power subtly, while the Capricorn woman just assumes control with an air of inner authority; neither partner will like being told what to do by the other, and the Scorpio man in particular will resent being treated like a junior partner.The Capricorn woman and Scorpio man are both very determined and focused individuals.What happens when they both focus on loving each other?The Capricorn woman can’t help being bossy by nature, but she won’t make any effort to soften it for her Scorpio man, thus compounding this particular problem for Capricorn woman Scorpio man compatibility.Perhaps this relationship works best when we’re talking about a power couple.If both are devoted to their careers, and rarely spend time together, they will both make more of an effort to get along on an emotional level.