Chef dating

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Chef dating

The Good “Food is always the focus of a fun outing.” —Cortney Burns, Bar Tartine in San Francisco “Chefs understand the heavy work schedule.

Paranoid to the bone, legend has it that he only used products imported from the UAE—which consisted mostly of Panzani jars of Bolognese sauce, with the labels in Arabic.

They went something like: drink, eat, drink again, zigzag dangerously toward another spot, order everything on the tapas menu at a classy bar, gobble it up in eight minutes, go shake hands in the kitchen of another establishment, eat some more, walk out with shaved eyebrows, order another magnum, climb on top of the bar at a gastronomic bistro ,and pound on your chest.

We’d show up without warning at an overbooked restaurant, get seated at the best table, and not even look at the menu.

When something goes wrong in the kitchen — or if a customer has a specific allergy that needs accommodating — a chef will remedy the situation. You can bless your date by turning the tables and cooking for him/her.

Chefs know how to take charge, leading a team to success.

As is the case with most things, there are good and bad aspects of falling in love with a chef—especially if you’re also working in a kitchen.

Here, chefs reveal the best and worst things about dating another chef.

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Also, when you cook at home, when you aren’t too tired, some really fantastic meals come together that can be very inspiring.” —Greg Denton, Ox in Portland, OR “It’s always fun to share a mutual obsession with someone. Even when we eat junk food, it’s junk food done right.” —Gabrielle Quiñónez Denton, Ox in Portland, OR “Being on the same page about what is in the fridge.

Even now that we [she and her husband, chef Stuart Brioza] have a 4-year-old, we still pretty much have the same things in the fridge that we did before: cheese, something pickled, tortillas and mayo.

I had, before my eyes, the darlings of French cuisine getting trashed, drinking beer out of motorcycle helmets, and attempting Jackass-inspired hijinks that only seem like a good idea when you’ve got eight grams of alcohol in your blood.

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