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Conroe dating - levels of a dating

Once an image has been sent, it cannot be controlled.

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Attorney General Abbott, as part of National Teen Dating Violence & Prevention Month, warned young Texans and their families that sexting can lead to embarrassment, regret, and even legal dangers, including possible prison time.

Suggestive photographs easily can be downloaded to a computer, posted on public Web sites or printed and distributed.

Unintentional circulation of inappropriate images can lead to suspensions from school or athletic participation and cause embarrassment.

Clearly, this dangerous technological trend can haunt children for years, and it is impacting schools and communities statewide.

Of course, investigators and prosecutors consider the circumstances of each case before deciding whether – and which – charges charges may apply.

By the time law enforcement has gotten involved, however, someone has already gotten hurt.

Education and active parenting present the best way to ensure children avoid this dangerous activity.

Anyone who possesses sexually suggestive pictures of a minor faces criminal investigation and up to 10 years in prison.” Attorney General Abbott reminded young Texans that a message’s sender cannot control the message’s distribution.

A recent survey by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy found that nearly 20 percent of sexting recipients have passed the image to a third person – who the original sender may or may not know.

Sexting is the practice of teenagers sending sexually explicit messages or images electronically, primarily between mobile phones.

Technological improvements that are now standard on many mobile phones allow teenagers to easily distribute photographs and videos to boyfriends, girlfriends and friends.

We’re asking young Texans to think twice before sexting – but don’t take it from us, just ask a fellow teen by calling NTDAH.” The most important source of prevention and education is active parenting.

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