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And today, most Greek immigrants from the mainland try to settle in West London, as close as possible to their favourite place of worship.

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In general, Greek-Cypriot immigrants are poorer than their mainland counterparts.

Many settled down in more financially accessible parts of London: Hackney, Haringey, Enfield Southgate.

They moved to more upmarket areas such as Palmers Green and Wood Green in North London when they were better off.

Upon their arrival, they asked permission to set up a church in London and subsequently founded the first Greek Church in Britain in what is now Soho.

If ever you asked yourself how Greek Street got its name, well, there’s your answer.

He didn’t stay for long, but he was the first one in a long line of Greek visitors to Britain over the centuries.

The first real Greek immigrants arrived in London around 1670. They were fleeing the Ottoman Empire and its persecution of the Greek Orthodox Church.

The English section editor of the London Cypriot newspaper "Parikiaki" pointed out that "The English section we publish is less for English people than for the Turkish-Cypriots who want news of the Cypriot community."Mainland Greeks and Greek-Cypriots bring to London their varied and incredibly vibrant culture.

Weddings are a big event in Greek culture and guests do not give boxed gifts and all the family and friends take it in turn to pin money on them.

Greeks and Greek-Cypriots are united by their devotion to the Greek Orthodox Church.

Greek-Cypriots are also responsible for the most important influx of Greek people in London for centuries.

Over the next 250 years, the immigration of Greeks to Britain was slow and steady.