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He says that his team are working on a reply to the Journal of Human Evolution paper.It will be very interesting to see this [Ida] research from a ten year perspective.

He was a frequent visitor to South America, especially Brazil, where he developed many longstanding collaborations and friendships.Watch live as we remove dinosaur fossils and deconstruct the National Fossil Hall. Fast forward through time via a time-lapse movie from the final week the hall was open to the public until the present moment.If you're a visitor to this site, please try back a bit later.Not so, says anthropologist Chris Kirk at at The University of Texas at Austin: it's a "wet-nosed" strepsirrhine primate, which include the lemurs and lorises.Brian Switek over at Laelaps explains the new analysis here.She is undoubtedly the only fossil that tells us what an early primate really looked like, other fossils are mostly fragments.

Hurum revealed that Ida is currently at the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt, Germany, where it will be CT scanned in high definition.The main reason we were stunned was because we were learning of this fabulous discovery through the media, not directly from an academic journal.Something smelt wrong (we were also peeved that we hadn't been told about it).She was also delighted to find such well preserved fossils.“I would give it a 10 out of 10 for significance,” said Zelenitsky.“There’s not very many complete fossils known in rocks of this age in Alberta,” she said about the fish, which are each about the size of a smartphone.“Plants and animals were actually recovering from the extinction at that time, so any fossils, particularly if they’re complete, are going to help us reconstruct what was going in the environment after a major mass extinction.”The problem with this is that it’s not something you can agree or disagree on.Starting April 28, 2014 to 2019, the National Museum of Natural History's current Fossil Halls will undergo the largest and most complex renovation in the Museum's history.