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The Blunts Point Trail is a moderately difficult hike allowing visitors to see two of the cannons that protected Pago Pago Harbor during the war.

American Samoa is approximately 76 square miles and when including the 200 miles of surrounding territorial waters, the territory is approximately the size of the State of Oregon.

To gain a truly intimate understanding of the life and people of American Samoa, the Park created a Homestay Program to provide visitors with a short-term immersion in Samoan culture.

The National Park Service facilitates, but does not administer the program.

The pottery sherds, particularly the ones that were decorated, shared characteristics with pottery made by an ancient Pacific culture called "Lapita," a group from the Bismarck Archipelago off the northeastern coast of New Guinea. Because of a lack of archeological research of Samoan sites dating from about 500 A. This gap, referred to as the Samoan Dark Age, is believed to be a period when Samoan culture flourished and developed significantly.

The underground archeological site Fatumafuti on the island of Tutuila provides some clues of this development.

In addition, there are interactive exhibits of sea life, forest birds, fruit bats, cultural handicrafts and tools, and models of the islands.

At roadside pull-offs, exhibits and signs provide additional information about the islands.

Although not technically within the boundaries of the park, Blunts and Breakers Point Gun Emplacements highlight the significant role American Samoa played during World War II while offering stunning views over the ocean.

Both sites are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Located 2,600 miles southwest of Hawaii, the National Park of American Samoa is the most remote unit of the National Park System and the U. While remote, the islands of American Samoa, true to the meaning of the word Samoa (Islands of Sacred Earth), are welcoming and offer beautiful landscapes and centuries of culture and history.

The Park spreads across three islands, 9,500 acres of tropical rainforest, and 4,000 acres of ocean, including coral reefs.

Also of particular importance to the development of culture in American Samoa are the tia seu lupe or star mounds which were most likely built within the past 500 years.