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Dating sobohoe in gta iv - Free online java chat sites south africa

Each of the women have their own preferences when it comes to Nico's fashion style, but being "dressed to impress" and catering to the women's tastes is perhaps the easiest way to help ensure that the date is a success.[3a] RUSSIAN SHOP - The Russian shop is the first clothing store you visit as is the cheapest of the three.

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Sport Venues such as Bowling, Darts and Pool are the best choices and cheap east such as Cluckin' Bell and Burger Shot also work well. Tangible Benefit: None (besides hot coffee) Notes: Michelle is the first "girlfriend" you encounter and serves as a training girlfriend for the game.

If you were thrifty however you might pick up a PERSUES outfit early. Cars -------- When it comes to dating in Liberty city cars come in three flavors; a. Luxury cars are the best looking,though not always the fastest.

A suit is the best choice when buying from PERSEUS, as the all in one purchase impress most of the women who like "high class" clothing. Coupes are usually the way to go when looking for Luxury cars, but luxury Sedans also work well.

Click it and go to contact, then exit the internet cafe. Then return to the internet cafe and check your mail.

Also known as Carmen Ortiz, this girl likes you to be as high-class as possible.

The Sports cars are usually the fastest cars around and while they look good, they may not appeal to the women who expect high class cars.

Lastly there are the mainstream cars, the garden variety Sedans and SUVs around Liberty City.

Unlike the other male friends however, dating is more than just worrying about the venue.

To have a sucessful date Nico must cater to the women's tastes in three areas; Clothing, Car and Venue.

Cheat: Go to an internet cafe and type in, then go to women seeking men. The exit and the time shown above the radar is your dating time.

There you find party girl Lancaster in the list that is displayed. By dating Alex you get the benefit of a 50% discount for whatever clothes you buy from any store!

She is one of the touchier girls you can date and if you don't knock her socks off immediately, you won't get her number and will have to wait until you can date her again.

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