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The Route 66 heritage is honored by a restored Magnolia gasoline station located adjacent to the courthouse, which appears as it would have in the 1920s or 1930s.Vega was officially incorporated in 1927, and the population was 519 in the 1930 census.

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Artists Joshua Finley and Valerie Doshier completed these in 2014.Located off of Hwy 385 22 miles North of Vega When Tascosa was a wide-open riotous Cowboy Capital of the 1880's many law-abiding and God-fearing men and women were buried here, often without benefit of clergy, men who "died with their boots on".The name was borrowed from a cemetery in Dodge City, Kansas, while it was a resort of Located 15 minutes west of Vega on Rt 66 Oldham County and Adrian is the geo-mathematical midpoint of Historic Route 66.There were several stores, a blacksmith, two churches, and a newspaper – the Vega Sentinel – operating in the community by early 1909.The nearby town of Tascosa, which was designated Oldham County seat in 1880, declined in both importance and population as Vega grew.Our county was a great stopping and travelling route for the Comanches and the Comancheria traders.

What was once an Indian trail later became the Ozark Trail, then Route 66, then finally to Interstate 40. Oldham County has, from all reports we have been given, the longest stretch of painted Rt 66 stencils that start on the North side access road at the county line east of Wildorado and are placed at every mile marker all the way to nearly the West county line outside of Adrian.

Mother Road lovers from all over the world stop at this noteworthy site for photos.

Free Admission Roark Hardware is the oldest operation hardware store on Route 66. The original hipped roof was removed in 1967 and an addition was built onto the north side of the building and the jail is attached to the south side.

In May of 2014, the owner, Wanda-Price Milburn, deeded the land and lots to be used for the Milburn'Price Culture Museum.

Greg and Karen Conn stepped up to serve as curators, hard workers, gardeners, and directors. The 22-foot Quanah Parker Trail Arrow is planted on the back side of the Magnolia Station.

On May 3, 1931, a fire destroyed six buildings west of the courthouse square.