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The cores contained organic material such as tree leaf and twig fossils.The findings of this study, published in Science, are significant because they provide a more precise way to determine the radiocarbon ages of organic material for the entire 11,000 — 53,000-year time range.

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But, for example in prehistoric archaeology, there will be small shifts in chronology in the order of hundreds of years," said Professor Ramsey.

These counts are then compared to over 800 radiocarbon dates from the preserved fossil leaves.

Tree rings provide the only other direct record of atmospheric carbon, but they only go back 12,593 years.

However, having a truly terrestrial record gives us better resolution and confidence in radiocarbon dating,' said Professor Ramsey in a press release.

"It also allows us to look at the differences between the atmosphere and oceans, and study the implications for our understanding of the marine environment as part of the global carbon cycle." The team measured radiocarbon from terrestrial plant fragments spaced throughout the core to construct a radiocarbon record.

This means the processes that can slightly change the levels found in marine sediments or cave formations do not affect it.

Previous to this study, the most important radiocarbon dating records came from such marine sediments or cave formations, which needed corrections.

The radioactive isotope of carbon decays at a known rate when the organisms die.

By measuring the radiocarbon levels remaining in samples of ancient organic materials, scientists can work out how old things are.

Professor Christopher Ramsey of the Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit, along with his colleagues, worked with scientists from two other radiocarbon laboratories — NERC in Scotland and in Groningen, the Netherlands — on the radiocarbon record from Lake Suigetsu as part of a large, international team studying the cores for clues about past climate and environmental change.

Radiocarbon, or C-14, is produced in the upper atmosphere continuously and is incorporated into all living organisms.

One element that complicates this calculation is the variability of the amount of environmental radiocarbon from year to year and location to location.

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