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The journalist Marilyn Johnson, now a good friend of Ms.

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“Like felled timber,” she said, “the game came to me.” *** Ms. At the time, she was living in Ennis, Mont., with her first husband, mailing pieces across the country and enduring rejection after rejection.Little mirrors hang from the bushes and colorful ribbons are tied in bows around the trees.fter we’d each had a few glasses of prickly pear liqueur with powdered ginger and seltzer water—a “Frog Island cocktail,” she said—Ms.But even if you know all these things, you may not know that Carroll is an early adopter, tech-wise, and has been quietly making things happen online since the early oughts. It seemed like the perfect time to sit down and have a virtual hot toddy via Skype, as she was “up in the mountains” on a vacay. Oh right, “I’ll tell you, it’s as simple as Pong,” she said, her brassy voice rattling cheerfully out of a laptop speaker, her flaming hair pinned up and barely tamed, and her rescue dogs snoozing in the background. It was bought by The Knot in 2005, though Carroll remains in an emeritus advisory role. Because of dating apps.” Because it’s so easy to move on? Except the married people, and they’re about ready to break up. With kicky illustrations by James Lake, it’s a treat for the eyes and visually fresh. The game, Damn Love, is available for i Phones and Androids, and it’s as simple as a game can get: You’re shown two people who are madly in love. Shown a pair of options, you choose the ones more likely to stir up shit, given each person’s personality and proclivities, and the quicker you can make them split, the more you increase your evilness and rise through the ranks. Then, in 2011, she co-founded, with Kenneth Shaw (formerly of One Kings Lane and Microsoft), Tawkify.com, an elite matchmaking service that costs 0 a month and boasts an 80 percent success rate. Girlfriend has been cheering for us and answering our life questions a long time now.?

This time around we’re sharing some of her quotes on finding love, but not with idiots. Jean Carroll is the smart, loyal, fabulous, tell-it-like-it-is universal Auntie that sets our asses straight and then bear hugs us after.?

Jean Carroll has been the advice columnist at Elle magazine for some 22 years, and if you haven’t read her, you oughta. She has been doling out advice on Elle, as well as on her own website . There are thousands of them causing all sorts of breakups! I thought, it’s time to show people what the signs are. I am showing you exactly what not to do.” The characters in the game are recognizable and desirable.

She speaks directly to the heart of a certain kind of young woman — the kind who asks, “Is this chapeau insouciant enough? Carroll is a perfect blend of sensible, salty and sympathetic. And she also, in 2003, founded Great with her sister Cande, a site where women would recommend their ex-boyfriends to others. Those are the smartest people.” But after creating so much love, Carroll stepped back and took a look over her career, and noticed something odd. “The increase in letters [to me] over the last 22 years? Why are people breaking up, breaking up, breaking up? “Every single person on Tinder just broke up with someone. Because everyone wants the next-next-next.” “People are so torn apart and ripped to shreds by their breakups, even though they only just met the guy and had 15 texts and two nights of incredibly hot sex,” she said. The situations are drawn from Carroll’s years of paging through reader mail.

(She nearly died, but she got the story.) For most of her career, Ms.

Carroll has taken aim at love in one form or another—in her advice column, “Ask E. Carroll’s latest endeavor, a mobile game she invented called Damn Love, a lampoon of dating apps (by, ahem, Dorothy Parker Brothers Games, LLC).

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