Ed norton dating now

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Ed norton dating now

Little do they know, millions of miles away, The Guardians have been looking over humans for centuries.The film was previously released in January of 2016 in Chinese but is set to be re-released with the English speaking cast.

Norton has two younger siblings, Molly and Jim, with whom he has professionally collaborated.

PHOTOS: What stars about love parenthood Prior to meeting Robertson, Norton romanced Courtney Love and Salma Hayek.

A rep for the actor had no comment regarding Roberton's pregnancy.

On July 2, 2014, Norton was elected chairman of the board of trustees to Signature Theatre, a not-for-profit theater company in New York.

His father, Edward Mower Norton Jr., served in Vietnam as a Marine lieutenant and was later an environmental lawyer and conservation advocate working in Asia, as well as a former federal prosecutor in the Carter administration.

actor, 43, is set to welcome his first child with longtime love Shauna Robertson "any day now," a source tells Us Weekly.

PHOTOS: 2012's babies of the year "Ed is really excited for fatherhood. " the insider tells Us of the famously private star.

Larry Flynt (1996), Fight Club (1999), Red Dragon (2002), 25th Hour (2002), Kingdom of Heaven (2005), The Illusionist (2006), Moonrise Kingdom (2012), The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) and Sausage Party (2016).

He has also directed and co-written films, including his directorial debut, Keeping the Faith (2000).

PHOTOS: Sexy celeb dads Norton and Robertson, a Canadian film producer who has worked frequently with Judd Apatow on movies including , reportedly got engaged in 2011 after six years of dating.

Together, they co-founded the fundraising site Crowd Rise, which uses crowd-sourcing and incentives to get people to raise money for various charitable causes.

Featured in a behind-the-scenes video of the EPIC trailer, the stars explain their motivations for hopping onto the project. George Clooney believed that it is rare when an actor gets to honor his or herself. Carter was performing last night at a place called the Looney Bin in Bradley, Illinois when the night's opening act -- an artist called ILL State -- walked through the audience and started grabbing people's phones to shoot video.

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