Gay dating india

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They checked me with my real name and asked what I am doing in my house at that point of time.I felt an immediate surge of horror, of being caught doing something offensive.

So I was feeling complete helpless and given to this situation and to these guys.

“ I don’t fear you guys anymore as I am gay and am not ashamed of it.

I am not afraid that you will show all this in television as, I am out to my parents and close family and friends.

I could also imagine how much what really happened will be twisted, which will show me or any other gay guys as social sexual leeches who live undercover life.

So I immediately to my defense asked them for their id card and warned them of calling the police.

But they said that they have already informed the police and showed me their ID card, which stated that they were from some media content team called cyber square or something like that.

I was fearing them so I quickly dialed the number of one of my friend whom I could call in an awkward situation like this one.

Being a non smoker myself I asked him to move to my balcony while I cleaned up the coffee mug. So I washed my hands and went to open the main house door.

I stay all alone in this beautiful house, and I try my level best to keep it clean and tidy… To my complete shock, I see three men of roughly 25 to 30yrs age group, flashing their video cameras, and phone cameras at my face.

Still their cameras where pointed at me and they were trying to make me feel as if I have done something really wrong.

They, without my permission inspected both my bedrooms, restrooms and kitchen to finally go to my balcony and pull that date guy (Shyam) by his shirt sleeve.

If this content is released without my free will, I could imagine the scrutiny which I might have to face professionally or personally with my family and friends.