Great dating com

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Great dating com

Using our heads and not just our hearts, we broke up because we felt it was God’s will.That night I went and hid in a dark, empty classroom and cried for three hours.

I hate to break the news to my female readers, but many college guys show love to a girl in order to obtain sexual access.This approach is a rarity in this age of entertainment-addicted Christians where most couples seem to always end up at the local movie theatre or the couch, watching another late-night Netflix video.I’d like to talk to the guys right now, because I believe you are primarily responsible for the spiritual leadership in a relationship.In the same way guys give love to get sex, there are an equal number of girls who are guilty of giving sex in order to get love.Our holy God, who thought up sex, didn’t say, “Let the marriage bed be undefiled” in Hebrews 13:4 to rob us of physical pleasure, but instead to give it to us in fullness ─ and at the right time.In other words, if you end up marrying the person you’re dating, the wedding night may be great, but what do you talk about at breakfast the next morning?

As the years slip by, our beautiful bodies have a way of sagging and wrinkling, so there better be a deep bond of friendship that outlasts temporal physical attraction.

If someday you want a Christ-centered marriage (which clearly requires the commitment of two Christ-centered people), then you better start with the end in mind and take a close look at who you’re attracted to.

Yes, I do believe 2 Corinthians , which says, “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers” means not to marry non-Christians, but if I were you, I’d set my sights on dating and marrying someone who is more than a believer.

In my counseling over the years, I’ve observed that to the degree a couple is sexually intimate before marriage is the same degree that they lack sexual satisfaction after marriage.

Reading a classic together like by Paula and Stacey Rinehart will help you set up and stick to biblical standards, build trust and prepare you someday to have one romantic marriage!

Having fully obeyed, I was now willing to do God wanted me to.

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