Internet dating scams dubai

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Internet dating scams dubai

She was devastated to learn the relationship was a farce and that she had fallen prey to this scam.Halton Police are reminding residents to be viligant when communicating with anyone online—especially on online dating sites.

She said the thieves are usually overseas and are difficult to track down and prosecute. In hindsight, there were many warning signs, said Sarah.

Females were more likely to be victimized than men.

Catherine Ludgate, who hosts fraud prevention workshops for Vancity credit union, said romance scams work well because they play on emotion, not reason.“It’s not that (victims) are gullible or naive,” she said.

Sarah said she had been told by police that the scammer, who does not live in Canada, was untraceable. But she was naive and blinded, almost brainwashed: “You think you’re in love.

My mind got a little dreamy, and I wasn’t altogether there.

Sarah told him to ask his family or relatives, but he said he had none.

He also claimed his assets were frozen from a nasty divorce.“I was begging him to find other resources,” recalled Sarah.

Two weeks later, the Vancouver single mom learned the man with whom she had hoped to share her future did not exist and that she had fallen prey to a romance scam.“I was very naive,” said “Sarah,” whose real name The Province is not using to protect her family and career.

“I thought everyone was honest and looking for a relationship.”Sarah is one of thousands of Canadians fleeced by online scammers who steal their hearts and then their money.

But “he kept saying our love was enough, that I didn’t need proof.”Later, he asked her to wire ,000 to Nigeria to cover hotel costs — another red flag.

Later, she discovered his love letters to her were copied from an online website.

This is not foolproof, as some scammers set up entire false websites or profiles.— Cut and paste part of their online profile on Google to see what else pops up.

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