Intimidating sports sayings

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You turn the tables by not giving them these things. Imagine a bully is picking on a younger defenseless student and the confrontation has turned physical.The victim is unwilling or unable to defend themselves. The bully surprises you with his speed and willingness to fight by catching you with a right hook to the side of your head. First of all, you shouldn’t have been caught off guard.

You’re not doing any violence towards anyone but yourself and yet, you may eliminate the need to fight by use of these outlandish scare tactics. It’s a virtual lock that if your potential attacker doesn’t turn tail and run outright, they will be confused, shaken and very much at risk of losing any physical confrontation with you, because you’ve already planted the seed of doubt in their head on two levels. You must seek to do greater damage and cause more pain. To understand how to infuse pain with rage, read Rage Amplification in LS Subjects. However, if you say, “If you don’t leave now, I’m gonna break your #*! ”If you mean it, you believe what you say and you say it with confidence, you are almost guaranteed to intimidate your potential attacker and possibly even send them packing. Poise, unflappability, or calmness under pressure, is an essential ingredient to any defense measure.Look at the LS subject on Bullies for example; berating yourself better than your opponent can put significant doubt in their minds and allow them a face-saving out, which will often result in them avoiding a physical confrontation with you.Several of the tactics on this list are unusual and unpredictable.Resiliency would rarely come into play, since most confrontations rarely escalate into physical violence, however, if an opponent is dealing you damage and you are consistently coming back for more and returning fire, that’s likely to start putting some serious doubts in their mind as to the outcome of the fight.And if you can take their best shot and still keep coming, you’re probably driving a stake right into the heart of their confidence.If you exercise, weight train, build muscle and stay in shape, you’re going to maintain a visual deterrent factor.

For example, many men, who are rugged-looking, heavily muscled and tattooed are extremely unlikely to have physical confrontations with other people, unless they’re looking for trouble.As a last resort, protect with violence, intimidate with resolve and conquer with righteous rage.When considering Intimidation tactics, most people would probably say the most intimidating thing about a person is their observable size and strength. As you peruse the list below, you may be surprised to find there are two factors even more intimidating than a massive muscle ripped juggernaut...Further use of Intimidation tactics could result in scaring off the bully all together and a violent confrontation might become unnecessary, which is the ideal situation. Such behavior would surely put doubt and the fear of your unpredictability in your opponent’s mind.A yell, roar or snarl during combat can actually have a myriad of positive effects. Your opponent will be thinking, “What does this person know that I don’t know?Logical Spiritualism Intimidation tactics are only intended for use when violence and direct physical conflict cannot be avoided.

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