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Kaleidoscope dating sim nummyz - expat dating in riyadh

(I did that my first time and presumed the game didn't need me to gift Angel anymore DX)Tip for Cero Playthrough: He appears randomly, but seems to continuously appear after you say "I'll help you" (or whatever the exact words were) Check every day first thing for him, and if he's there use up ALL your hp talking to him until he's cured.

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I never got friendzoned x D I got Gage, Cero, Angel, and Riley.

Commission graphics, cute gifs, manga-style gallery, animated gifs, cuteness, free flash toons, free flash games, romantic dating sims, love dating sims, love Flash stories, dress up games, and popular love stories Maid for Me and My Cup of Tea.

Nummyz Productions, has original graphics and Flash movies and games by Bomee aka Kat.

Bomee has a small fan base throughout the Internet and many new projects will come out in 2008, including games for girls, and new movies.

A website launched on October 2004 by web owner and designer Kat.

Failure to find your soulmate will result in you being locked in this dream forever. One of the most beautiful original Flash dating simulations, created by artist Mayuiki, storyline by Nummyz, and coded by Kyo.

Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 2: Love, Fate, Destiny | Nummyz Productions Skip to main content Nummyz Productions Home of free and original Flash games, made for girls and guys who like cute.

At first, Nummyz was a site about everything and nothing, featuring her original artwork and writings.

Last year, when a hacker hacked into Nummyz.com, Kat almost decided to drop the site and focus on her studies.

This unique and original dating simulation was created in Flash, drawn by the talented and famous artist Mayuiki and coded by Kyo, sponsored by You play as Soffie, a beautiful student trapped in a Dream World.

The only escape is to find true love in thirty dream cycles.

From less than ten visitors a day to her website, Nummyz now has over 1000-2000 unique visitors daily.