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Noel and Reece are constantly tweeting, and I said to them, ‘You are obsessed.

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I put on weight with all the IVF – it’s insidious because it happens so slowly and then it’s almost impossible to get rid of it.She lives with her mum and her son and knows exactly what her daily routine is going to be.That changes when she goes into the field to investigate crimes with Sean. In a funny way, both Ruth and Sean are dysfunctional.I gave in and let her have it because of peer pressure at school.She says, ‘Oh, Mummy, it [the snap] is just there for a second.’ But my fear is that it will be used as a bullying tactic or that people will send indecent images.ALEX KINGSTON made her name in ER and won new fans in Doctor Who.

The actress talks to Elaine Lipworth about her gritty new crime series and dramas off-screen – divorce, IVF and the pressure to go under the knife Alex Kingston is nursing a hangover when we meet for breakfast in New York. There are protestations that she looks a mess, accompanied by an amused glance down at her Nikes (‘I walked across Central Park,’ she explains).

Her English father Tony was a butcher, her German mother Margaretha stayed at home to take care of Susie.

Alex landed a role in the children’s series Grange Hill at 15, going on to win a place at Rada, where she met Ralph Fiennes, whom she later married.

Alex stars as Ruth Hattersley, a senior analyst with the Missing Persons Bureau.

‘Reece plays Sean, a detective who keeps being moved to different departments because he is socially awkward and can’t communicate, but he’s good at solving crimes.

She established herself as an accomplished performer with the Royal Shakespeare Company before landing early screen roles in Moll Flanders and Croupier with Clive Owen.

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    I had this gnawing feeling the Lord wanted us to break up, but I wouldn’t listen.