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We even had Adam Yates and Chris Birchall from Port Vale come down on Friday to help drum up more support.

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And he’s already given some insight into the corruption and bullying that came along with them, beginning with his Oprah Winfrey confessional four years ago.PORT Vale players Adam Yates and Chris Birchall cheered on fund-raisers who took part in a 24-hour bike ride for charity.The footballers paid a visit to Better Bodies in Tunstall on Friday ahead of their match against Shrewsbury Town over the weekend.The 70,000-capacity is a virtual sell-out, so they’ve just added a second weekend.If it all comes together the organisers plan to make million (€45 million) – for each weekend.Now the 35-year-old of Blurton has raised another £500 for the cause after roping in friends and family for the challenge.

Mike, who runs his sports rehabilitation business Mstrong from the High Street premises, said: "I have been supporting the charity for a number of years now, including providing physiotherapy to the police officers who completed the Land's End to John O'Groats bike ride.There is no easy explanation for an event like this.Why anyone would pay that amount of money to see six essentially tribute acts (sorry, five) is hard to fathom, because they certainly won’t be hearing anything they haven’t heard before.Anyone who has listened to Armstrong talk recently (especially on his “The Forward” podcast) certainly hasn’t heard anything they haven’t heard before.It’s as if Armstrong has become a tribute act to himself, still living off his past to give himself some sense of a future."I've done about eight hours on the bike in total so I felt exhausted afterwards but it has all been worth it for a good cause.