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Newsonlinedating net

Located in Edinburgh city centre our teams of experienced consultants and support staff have been carefully selected and trained to provide best in class services to our clients and candidates.

We strive to speak to all of our candidates at all stages of the recruitment process from initial application through to offer, or feedback after an unsuccessful interview.The media will also be giving White Ribbon representatives a huge run next week so be alert to when these interviews are playing and participate where possible in talk-backs, or write comments following online articles.Use social media to draw attention to wrong statistics and other misrepresentations.Nice to know there are plenty of people who have not been hoodwinked by the biased campaign presenting women as the only victims of domestic violence.Since my recent article, Silent Victims, was published in the I have been flooded with emails from people who know this is far from the truth.You can already make complaints based on the promotion for this programme. It will really help if we can encourage more women to be involved in this way.

Virginia Trioli is holding a Q&A on Wednesday November 25 following Ferguson’s show. Perhaps you can think of questions you can put to the Q&A panel which would highlight the issues. It’s just a little harder for the campaigners to ignore our arguments if they come from women, particularly those with direct experience with this issue.

The Website has a huge data set of proper statistics you can use to correct misinformation.

Contact producers of the relevant programmes and ask for more balanced reporting of the issue.

She’s one of the worst offenders when it comes to dismissing women’s violence against men. If you have any other ideas which can help, please post comments below.

We’d like to hear about any response you get from people associated with White Ribbon.

I feel we need to respectfully approach these people and inform them that we are not denying the importance of the work they are doing in addressing the issue of violent men but unfortunately they are also being drawn into a divisive campaign which distorts the truth about family violence and denies many victims the chance to be heard and supported.

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