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Mr Rodney Wayne Williams has been charged for her murder following her Sunday July 12 disappearance Detective Superintendent Hutchinson said people local to those areas of interest should keep alert for anything that may help the investigation.Stay Smart Online Week 2016 has been launched this week.

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Hmmm Was that last post made by a sales rep from RSVP??

SES and Queensland Police had no luck searching for Ms Taylor in dense bushland west of Brisbane but say they have retrieved mobile phone data which allegedly reveals she and Williams were in the area for around two hours Police allege the teen met her accused murderer, Rodney Wayne Williams on an online dating site and that she offered sexual services in exchange for money through the websites, while her sister says Tiffany Taylor was 20 weeks pregnant.

Detective Superintendent Dave Hutchinson alleges that Ms Taylor, 16, met Williams, 60 on an online dating site.

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