Objective c label text not updating

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Let’s walk through how to add custom fonts to your i OS application and I’ll highlight the common mistakes as we go. A commenter in the discussion below, Stephen, brought up this valid point.

When the table view goes into editing mode, the editing control for each cell object (if it’s configured to have such a control) appears on its left side, in the area shown in The editing control can be either a deletion control (a red minus sign inside a circle) or an insertion control (a green plus sign inside a circle).You’ll see that one of the sections you can expand is “Copy Bundle Resources”.Open that list and make sure that your fonts are included in that list.The tricky part is that the font name may not be what you expect.It could be very different than any of the visible font names that you can see.And finally, you can simply display your custom font using UIFont and whatever UILabel or text view you want.

Choose either the Swift or Objective-C snippet depending on which language your project uses.

Be careful to include the extension and make sure that you don’t perform any typos here.

That’s another common problem, as simple as it may seem.

This font name was no where to be found in the font properties or from the OSX font viewer.

Remember to get rid of that code snippet after you find the font name that you need!

Make sure that the target you want to use your font in is checked under “Target Membership” This should not be a problem but sometimes when you’re having trouble getting your font face to show up, this can be a source of headache so let’s double check now to rule it out as a potential pitfall.