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Online dating service introducing - 100 sex live web cam room

A secret society where everyone has to keep the secret.

Apparently, dating is as hard for orangutans as it is for us, and widening the geographical scope of her search will help Samboja find the perfect match.Are you a high level professional, businessman, investor, entrepreneur or busy executive with no time to find that extra special Sugar Baby to share your success?Are you seeking a very personal assistant, mistress, secret lover, traveling companion or an Extra Marital affair? Are you a model, cheerleader, student, someone who�s hit hard times, just starting off in life or just a sexy woman who wants to enjoy the life of luxury that you deserve?Quite simply, who is the in the Diamond Lounge, and what happens in the Diamond Lounge, must stay in the Diamond Lounge!MEMBERSHIP CRITERIA AND OBTAINING MEMBERSHIPTo become a Diamond Lounge member, you must be successful, sophisticated and attractive and genuinely have something interesting to bring to the club.You can obtain membership either by being directly invited or by submitting an online application which can (but does not have to be) supported by a recommendation from a trusted existing member.

THE TOUGH DECISIONSAll decisions about who to accept for membership are taken by an anonymous, pre-appointed and representative Committee of 'elite' individuals.

Our only concern is that these poor creatures don't know what they're getting themselves into.

Is there any way we can possibly prepare simians for the trials and tribulations of getting ghosted and dealing with creepy messages?

We wish Samboja the best of luck in her search for love, and respectfully ask her to share any tips that we could apply in our own lives should it work out for her.

Pressbox (Press Release) - We are an online Sugar Daddy dating website introducing top shelf, highly successful, rich gentlemen with classy, attractive, sexy women who are seeking to enjoy the finer things life has to offer.

Beginning this October, the Diamond Lounge -a 'social networking' site for the elite (aka an online dating service for the pretty and wealthy set), requiring application and 'approval' will launch.