Problems updating k750i firmware

27-Jun-2016 11:27 by 5 Comments

Problems updating k750i firmware - Local sex chat in uae

I am just entering the corporate arena, in internships and student government at University of North Florida.

I have PC Suite installed so will cover everything.

I have a Blackberry, but it sucks as a phone, but it keeps me organised and that probably makes me look more professional. Thats why so many people in the US have the RAZR though there are much better phones out there. When my wife decided to go for this phone I didn't like the look of it in the catalogue. If feels very comfortable to hold, the swing round keypad is very easy to use and as I said I have never heard a ringtone volume quite like it.

What put me off it to start with was the lack of expandable memory, but it does have 256mb and I have an Iriver so it's not like I would be using it as an mp3 player.

It just seems a bit more complicated than I thought having read up on other sites, and I really don't want to screw up my phone the day after I received it.

When you first connect your phone to your PC, it should install 4 or 5 devices.

The names of these escape me but I think they go: k750, k750 modem, k750 com port, k750 device management port and sony eri memory stick.

Once all of these are installed (if you didn't see these come up, go to Sony Ericsson's site and download the drivers for your phone there) your phone should just appear in My Computer.I shall have to be quick though as I only have 14 days to change my mind.I have changed my mind about sending the phone back.- FIX: Background noise during lower volume calls ('hissing bug') now fixed. - FIX: Increased stability in Photo DJ and Video DJ applcations. - JBenchmark 3D LQ: 202 - JBenchmark 3D HQ: 126 - JBenchmark 2: 340 - JBenchmark 1: 3889 - Software versions: LCD 0 Camera 4.5 ITP CXC 125 932 R1B Pete Forum Search Yeah, it's R1AA008.Just out of interest, what drivers do I need installed on my PC to do this job properly.Pete Forum Search Vocrobot, I've been looking for just that comparison, the 750i vs 550i.