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His writings have established him as a thought-leader in the areas of marriage, parenting, and spiritual formation.His titles include the following: Church leaders and pastors appreciate Gary’s ability to challenge and encourage the spiritual depth of an audience.

is a documentary television series produced by NHNZ that airs on Lifetime Movie Network.When Dollar Store manager Denise is savagely attacked by robbers in Jacksonville, North Carolina, one thing keeps her alive -- her determination to make sure that her father would not have to attend her funeral.Nick, a former Marine, is put to the survival test when he's stranded on a Lake Tahoe mountain in a snow blizzard with no cell phone, no food, and no winter clothing.Christine's and Heidi's trip on a Greek ferry becomes a nightmare when the boat begins to sink and the crew abandons the ship, leaving the panicked passengers to fend for themselves.In Millsboro, Delaware Debbie suffers a five-day ordeal at the hands of an attacker, who keeps her blindfolded and gagged, rapes her, and forces her to sleep next to him.Rulon, a super-strong Olympic wrestler, gets stuck in a semi-frozen stream in Star Valley, Wyoming when he goes snowmobiling and faces a big decision.

When a wise-cracking federal prosecutor in Brooklyn, New York is abducted by men with machine guns, he uses his unique talents and personality to show rapport with his captors in hopes they'll release him.

And a simple act of kindness results in a vicious assault for an elderly man when he is brutally attacked in his Rockdale, Illinois apartment by his neighbor after inviting the young man into his home for coffee.

Lonnie plays dead for four agonizing hours after her boyfriend chokes her and shoots her four times in the head.

Emboldened by a presidential candidate who embraced their ideas with a nudge and a wink, and electrified by his victory, white nationalists in 2016 fanned out and spread their message of fear and loathing among the nation’s young people. 4, a 28-year-old North Carolina man bearing a handgun and a military-style rifle stormed a Washington, D. C., who fired his weapon inside the restaurant but injured no one, later admitted “the intel on this wasn’t 100%.” A federal jury stunned court watchers on Oct.

C., pizza joint called Comet Ping-Pong, determined to “self-investigate” rumors that the restaurant was the center of a child sex-slave ring with connections to the Clinton campaign. 27 by delivering a not guilty verdict for Ryan and Ammon Bundy and five other defendants charged in connection with the armed, 41-day-long takeover of Oregon’s Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

S.-Mexico border, block Muslim immigration, and restore “law and order” have emboldened nativists and racists, so has his history of casual misogyny and alleged sexual assault (“grab them by the pussy”) energized an explicitly sexist element within the noxious “Alt-Right” movement.

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    ”After nearly two years of seeming dormancy, Taylor Momsen and her band, The Pretty Reckless, just released the music video for their latest single, "Going to Hell." “FINALLY our first video in over 2 years #goingtohellishere,” the 20-year-old songstress tweeted about the release the video to her fans today (October 16).

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