Society s view on interracial dating

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Society s view on interracial dating - daytime dating

Prejudice is being replaced with understanding in certain areas of the United States because of the prominence of races that are immigrating here and the apprehension that races are starting to wake up to regarding the similarities rather than differences between them (Daniels).Much can be said regarding the harassment of interracial couples.

Individuals can now feel comfortable dating outside of their race despite the prejudice.

Knox, Zusman, Buffington, and Hemphill (2000) reported that interracial dating attitudes among college students showed almost half of the participants in their sample possessed participation interests in interracial relationships and about one-fourth previously had dated interracially.

With increasing contact opportunities in integrated settings such as college campuses, students have higher likelihoods of engaging in relationship-building interactions.

Openness to interracial relationships varies among generations.

Generally, the older generations have been more opposed to interracial relationships while younger generations have tended to view interracial relationships most favorably (Lovstuen, 2001; Todd & Mckinney, 1992).

Since family interactions provide the first model of socialization and relationship formation, parental and family perspectives play a salient role in shaping an individual’s openness to interracial relationships.

Miller, Olson, and Fazio (2004) reported that white female participants expected higher disapproval of interracial relationships only if they also reported their parents were racist.

Culture and race seem to exert a particular influence on family interactions regarding racial attitudes (Foeman & Nance, 2002; Lovstuen, 2001; Mc Fadden & Moore, 2001).

African-American families tend to base their family structures using matriarchal systems.

Yancey and Yancey (1998) suggested that the “availability” of individuals for friendship was perhaps the most probable reason for interracial relationships.

They also speculated that individuals might interracially date (a) for the same “intangible” reasons of love and compatibility as individuals who date within their own race, (b) because of familiarity or desired immersion with a particular culture, and (c) because some might have “preferences” for particular skin colors as others might have for hair or eye colors.

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