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With a range of one and a half octaves, it is known for being difficult to sing. § 301), which was signed by President Herbert Hoover.

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Soon after, Thomas Carr of the Carr Music Store in Baltimore published the words and music together under the title "The Star-Spangled Banner", although it was originally called "Defence of Fort M'Henry".It was restored in 1914 by Amelia Fowler, and again in 1998 as part of an ongoing conservation program.Aboard the ship the next day, Key wrote a poem on the back of a letter he had kept in his pocket.At twilight on September 16, he and Skinner were released in Baltimore.He completed the poem at the Indian Queen Hotel, where he was staying, and titled it "Defence of Fort M'Henry".Nicholson, who saw that the words fit the popular melody "The Anacreontic Song", by English composer John Stafford Smith.

This was the official song of the Anacreontic Society, an 18th-century gentlemen's club of amateur musicians in London.This flag, with fifteen stars and fifteen stripes, had been made by Mary Young Pickersgill together with other workers in her home on Baltimore's Pratt Street.The flag later came to be known as the Star Spangled Banner Flag and is today on display in the National Museum of American History, a treasure of the Smithsonian Institution.At first, Ross and Cochrane refused to release Beanes, but relented after Key and Skinner showed them letters written by wounded British prisoners praising Beanes and other Americans for their kind treatment.Because Key and Skinner had heard details of the plans for the attack on Baltimore, they were held captive until after the battle, first aboard HMS Surprise and later back on HMS Minden.Nicholson took the poem to a printer in Baltimore, who anonymously made the first known broadside printing on September 17; of these, two known copies survive.

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