Updating a gold frame

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Getting the gold was hard, but keeping it would be even harder, sparking an adventure through the most powerful boardrooms of Wall Street. Anyway, I’m back to share the hardware makeover play-by-play and a ton of pics that we couldn’t squeeze into our door-painting post on Wednesday. So naturally I made some sort of sound that resembled a walrus screaming and chucked the sandpaper as far away as possible while cradling/apologizing to my doorknob and promising him that I’d never hurt him like that again.

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Our pricing reflects the time and efforts of skilled craftspeople, the best available materials, extreme attention to the details of your order, and full compliance with environmental and safety concerns inherent in metal finishing.

But when I went to grab the primer I noticed something intriguing on the ORB can next to it. So I trusted my beloved ORB spray primer paint to lead the way and just applied three thin and even coats to all of my hardware (that I strategically placed on cardboard so I could access all of the exposed parts by piercing the long metal interior hardware rods through the cardboard so they stood up).

It said “paint & primer in one” right on the label. I will now repeat that thin and even is the key when it comes to spray paint. I decided I didn’t want to muck up the inside of my lock with spray paint, so I used a spare house key to block the spray from getting into the lock (while allowing me to access the rest of the knob).

We offer both Powdercoat & Urethane "wet" paint because both systems have their advantages for different circumstances and price points.

Touch-ups or partial refinishes are a specialty here.

Whether you want a simple low cost frame refinish or an elaborate project, We'd like to serve you next!

Big or small, new or old, restoration or updating, we give every project 110% effort.

We are a team of "Cycl Artists" operating from the craftsman's point of view.

As a result, we believe that "Accuracy, Creativity & Integrity are our best tools." Since 1976, Cycl Art, clients have ranged from individual cyclists to the world's largest bicycle corporations.

Luckily I realized the knob would be installed with that part underneath, so only Clara-height children may be able to see the slightly roughed up texture on the underside. Update: A few smarter-than-me commenters recommended trying steel wool or super high grit automotive sandpaper to rough up the surface, so I plan to try that next time.

Just tossing that out there for anyone who might be doing this (who may want extra “insurance” that the spray will hold).

We make damage as though it never occured: "Like Time Travel!

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