Updating catalogs

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Updating catalogs - Se chat vedio

They are located in the bin/ directory of the distribution.

updating catalogs-49

For details about using CM and SCUP, refer to Microsoft’s documentation. The use of 4.5 throws the error “The update failed Software Update Rules validation”.

The dependencies listed in your log are the detectoids for X86 and x64 based systems described by Microsoft: These are not authored by Adobe and as per the message in the log must be present in the WSUS database.

Why don’t I see the 11.0.01 MUI installer in the 11.0.02 SCUP catalog?

Administrators should refer to Microsoft’s documentation for information on installing and configuring the requisite components.

Every enterprise environment will be unique, and many configurations are possible.

The SCUP catalogs for 11.x and DC products require the items documented at Note that 11.x SCUP catalogs used to push updates from Win 8 & Windows Server 2012 require the latest version of WSUS v3.0 SP2 (3.2.7600.226) with the latest hotfix .

Note The following table lists the base software used in Adobe’s lab environment.

Note SCCM users should note that SCUP catalogs can’t deliver anything but a generic installer.

Because enterprises use different configurations, there is no way for Adobe to provide installers tailored to individual organizations.

Other supported deployment methods include bootstrapper and AIP.

Note This documentation is for administrators who are already familiar with managing networked environments via CM.

Updates Publisher To fix this issue, resync the WSUS database to get the requisite public detectoids.

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