Updating ipod

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Updating ipod

"The additional $10 fee to upgrade is clearly limiting uptake," the firm said, noting that this threatens to put a kink in Apple's App Store ecosystem.

Nearly half of all i Phone users have already jumped at the opportunity to enhance the functionality of their handsets by installing the free i Phone Software 3.0 update, but the same can't be said for i Pod touch users, who —deterred by a upgrade charge —are adopting the new software at a snail's pace.Updating the software of your i Pod 4 gives you many of the latest capabilities of newer Apple gadgets without spending the money on a replacement device.In fact, many of the newer games and applications require the later versions of the operating system to function properly.If the i Pod does not automatically update wirelessly, perform the update using i Tunes.First, make sure your computer has the latest version of i Tunes or take a few moments to update the program.On Monday, Apple announced that 6 million customers have downloaded i Phone Software 3.0 since its release last week.

That means that roughly 15% of the 40 million multi-touch devices sold thus far by the Cupertino-based company are now running the latest software.

When the device finds an update, it displays it on the screen. To ensure you lose no important data when updating the i Pod, it is important to perform a backup before initializing the update.

You can back up your data either through the i Cloud or through i Tunes.

Under this accounting method, Apple literally divides each i Phone sale by 730 —or the number of days in two years, representing the economic life of the product — and recognizes the portions from that particular i Phone sale each day for exactly two years or 730 days.

Therefore, should Apple be compelled to treat i Pod touches like i Phones and Apple TVs, it may need to make a similar disclosure to the one it made for the aforementioned two products back in 2007.

Such an announcement would be unlikely mid-product cycle and would be better made alongside new models.

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